The Trans Porters

Across Gender and Across Town


Step 1: Book Your Porter

You submit a general request or book your favorite Trans Porter directly!  Tell us about the thing you need.

Step 2: Relax.

Our Operators review your request as quickly as possible and work to connect you with the right Trans Porter to do the thing.

Step 3: Thing gets done!

Your Trans Porter does the thing!

Our History

During the early days of 2020, multiracial lesbian trans womxn Persephone Rose began giving rides to a small group of immunocompromised clients who needed to keep their quarantine bubble tight. As the COVID-19 pandemic raged on, she quickly discovered a growing need for her unparalleled services among the marginalized communities in the DC/MD/VA area.

After hearing horror stories about ride app drivers refusing to accept service dogs, and creating unpredictable, sometimes hostile, environments, it became clear it was time to expand.

The Trans Porters provides courier, cab, and errand services especially for folx in the queer, disabled, and POC communities. Our goal is to provide a safe, friendly, human, and inclusive alternative to unpredictable and inconsistent apps in these horrifying times of end-stage capitalism. We aren't a business, we're not a tech company, and we don't have an exploitative app. We're a guild of adventurers working together to keep our community (and ourselves) afloat during this apocalypse.

Our service area is currently limited to the DC and the surrounding suburbs, but we are working to expand!  We're coming to Asheville, NC. Maybe you'll be first Trans Porter in your area?  Reach out to us!

Meet the Trans Porters!

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Area: DC/MD/VA

Offering: Rideshare (animal friendly), Deliveries, Errands, Acting (Film, Voice and Stage), Companionship, Personal Consulting, Web Design 

Persephone plans to live long enough, with the help of cybernetic augmentations, to travel to the stars and make extraterrestrial friends.  When she isn't behind the wheel, she scrapes by as an actor and writer of things that are not always for the faint of heart.

★  Accepts Cash, Venmo, Payal, and Open to Trade ★


Area: Asheville, NC

Offering: Deliveries, Errands, Music, Art

Cove is a gender fluid, disabled (JRA) musician and artist in Asheville, NC. They are inspired by the earth, the stars, and the idea that we are all connected by a collective consciousness. They love trees, flowers, sunsets, and driving around with music playing.




The Trans Porters were founded by Legendary Transgender Actrix and Storyteller, Persephone Rose.  Already struggling to make ends meet as a rideshare app driver, she decided to go rogue to help people in need during the COVID-19 pandemic because "real life just isn't worth chasing after imaginary numbers."

Diversity Aware

Our society is built for the enabled and entitled.  Unfortunately that means life can be hell for those of us who don't perfectly fit into a very specific genetic, neurological, and physical mould.  It's nice to have a friend who won't call you "lazy," "weird," or "stupid," just because you're different.  The Trans Porters have your back. 

Sex Worker Friendly

The western world likes to pretend there's no such thing as sex or sexuality.  As if, somehow, sex isn't the entire reason quantum leaps in technology and human society even exists.  The survival of our species depends on sex.  Sex work is hard work.  We get that, and we value our sex worker friends.  The Trans Porters are here to help you get around.


No matter how you spin it, we're living in the early days of the cyberpunk apocalypse; and it's happening exactly the way it's been envisioned for centuries: a robotic uprising amidst a deadly killer virus spreading on a scorched and dying planet as our overlords take joyrides into the atmosphere.

Fight the System

Our competitors use automation to exploit humans.  Our humans work with automation to uplift other humans and improve our relations with our species' next evolutionary form: artificial intelligence.  Trans Porters are uniquely positioned to answer the question: "if robots came from humans, why are there still humans?" 

Open to Trade

Your net worth isn't your value.  In fact, if you're struggling to make ends meet, the complete demise of our civilization at the hands of rampant corporate greed isn't your fault, despite what the propaganda says.  Don't feel stranded just because you don't have money.  Many of our Trans Porters are open to trade, please reach out to us.